Ian Strathcarron

Lord Strathcarron is a travel writer, publisher, mediator and counsellor. He lived in the Orient for many years, working as a freelance foreign correspondent and TimeLife stringer and founded Japan + Europa Press Agency, since sold to Reuters. More recently he has written the spy thrillers Invisibility and Black Beach, and the historical travel works Joy Unconfined! Lord Byron’s Grand Tour Re-Toured, Innocence and War: Mark Twain’s Holy Land Revisited and The Indian Equator: Mark Twain’s India Revisited. He is now completing the third part of a Mark Twain travel trilogy Heart of Lightness, Mark Twain’s Mississippi Revisited.

When not writing, he owns the art book publisher Unicorn Press Ltd and has a conflict resolution mediation and counselling practice, Mediation Process Ltd. More on Wikipedia and www.ianstrathcarron.com