Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose was educated in Dorset and at Trinity College, Cambridge. He is a barrister, who practised for 20 years in London (specialising in crime). In 1999 he was appointed an Immigration Judge.

Andrew is particularly interested in British social, legal and political history 1900-1950. His first two titles, Stinie: Murder on the Common (Bodley Head 1985; Penguin 1989) and Scandal at the Savoy (Bloomsbury 1991; Fusosha Japan 1993) have strong biographical elements. Each book explores an Old Bailey murder trial, challenging the original verdict and offering a detailed factual re-assessment, largely based on previously closed official material. Stinie (which was shortlisted for the Gold Dagger Non-Fiction Award of the Crime Writers’ Association) reveals a wrongful conviction based on perjured testimony, whereas Scandal shows how unscrupulous defence tactics can sometimes allow the guilty to walk free from court. Both books explore issues of race, sexuality, and culture set against the social and political backdrop of their time.

Lethal Witness (Sutton Publishing 2007; Kent State University Press USA 2009) is a biography of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, the pioneer pathologist variously dubbed “the Father of Forensics” and “the living embodiment of mythical Sherlock Holmes”. As before, Andrew has gained access to previously closed Home Office, Metropolitan Police and other files. He charts his subject’s rise and fall as a media star, from the 1910 Crippen trial until his bizarre suicide in 1947, revealing how “the Honorary Pathologist to the Home Office” put spin on the facts, embellished evidence and played games with the truth. Spilsbury’s (often flawed) ‘positive evidence’ for the prosecution led to the conviction and execution of men innocent of murder.

Andrew has been a contributor to several TV and radio programmes, including C4’s The Last Secret of Dr Crippen (2004) and Was Crippen Innocent? (2008) on C5, as well as making appearances on ITV1’s recent series Forensic Casebook. He has also given lectures and talks about his books.

Andrew is currently researching a previously unreported Royal scandal from the early 1920s.