Ian Strathcarron – Crikey!

Ian Strathcarron, biographer and chairman of the Unicorn Publishing Group, has written a biography of a man about whom we know surprisingly little: Sir Bertram Wooster, KG. In Crikey! How Did That Happen?, Strathcarron fills in the gaps that PG Wodehouse left. Ten chapters centre on incidents throughout Wooster’s life: education at Malvern House, Eton and Oxford; pursuing a musical career in the south of France, in a milieu also including Alfred Hitchcock and Somerset Maugham; wartime captivity, in common with his creator but at the hands of the Italians; adventures in Hollywood. The final chapter is a murder mystery set on Mustique in the Seventies. As for Jeeves: he graduates from employment by Wooster to work in the Royal Household.

Strathcarron says: “Wodehouse never mentioned any dates, but it is generally accepted that the stories take place in the late ‘20s when Bertie was also in his late 20s. I therefore imagined him born in 1900 and take it forward seven years at a time from then.

“In the stories Wodehouse makes many references to Bertie’s childhood and schooling and I have included all of these in the early chapters. Of course from 1928 onwards I’ve made it all up, on the basis that while the main plot is pure fiction all the subplots are real events.”