Linda Porter

Linda’s love of history began at the age of six, when her grandfather picked a book off the bookshelf of a rented house she was living in at the time, and showed her the pictures. The book was “Our Island Story” by H.E. Marshall (only much later did Linda discover that Henrietta Marshall was a woman) and it was the words, rather than the illustrations, that captured her imagination.

Linda has a first degree and doctorate in history from the University of York. She lectured at various universities in New York before returning to England and embarking on a career in public relations. Her first book, Mary Tudor, The First Queen, was published by Piatkus (now part of Little, Brown) in 2007 and is now available in paperback. Her latest book is a biography of Katherine Parr, Henry VIII’s Last Queen, published by Macmillan in spring 2010.