For membership enquiries please contact

You are eligible for membership if:

  • You are a published biographer.
  • You have a commissioned work of biography in progress, but have not as yet been published.
  • You have been researching a work of biography as a student of ‘writing lives and letters’ or affiliated subject (e.g. history, economics, politics, social sciences, natural sciences) as a teacher/lecturer.
  • You are an editor with a publishing house, or its publisher.
  • You are a literary agent.
  • You are a lecturer or professor with a special interest in biography.
  • You are a film, TV or radio producer, director, writer with a keen interest in producing, directing or writing biography; or have already produced, directed or written biographies for a medium other than print format.
  • You are a literary critic/journalist with a keen interest in biography.
  • [For student membership] you are in full-time secondary, undergraduate or post-graduate education.

If for any reason you feel you don’t fit into these categories, or have any queries about how you might still join, please email Nicolas Majerus at explaining why you would like to join the Biographers’ Club and he will try to respond as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours). The Biographers’ Club committee will review applications monthly.

Annual Membership Fees: Full Member £35; Associate Member £30; Student (in full‐time education) £20

If your membership is accepted, we will email you with payment details (by cheque, bank transfer or Direct Debit/Standing Order).

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