Alison Kervin

Alison Kervin is an award-winning journalist, biographer and novelist. She was short-listed for the 2004, 2005 and 2009 Interviewer of the Year award for her work on The Times, The Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph respectively. She was also Woman of Achievement in Cosmopolitan magazine and won Feature Writer of the Year, Interviewer of the Year and Magazine Editor of the Year in the IPC magazine awards.

Alison’s next novel is Celebrity Bride; out in June 2009. The book is about a beautiful girl called Kelly Monsoon who meets and falls in love with a Hollywood superstar when he takes a role in a play running at Richmond Theatre, where she works as a lowly administrator.

Alison’s last novel A Wag Abroad, came out in August 2008, following the success of Wag’s Diary which hit the shelves in October 2007. The two novels are about a footballer’s hapless but endearing wife called Tracie Martin and her extraordinary adventures with raccoon hair extensions and quilted Chanel bags. The second book in the series follows Tracie as she moves to Los Angeles and tries to befriend Posh Spice and introduce the locals to her unique brand of Wag styling.

Alison also has a rugby book on the shelves – Thirty Bullies – a colourful history of the rugby World Cup which looks at all the previously untold stories of life behind the scenes with the players at the tournaments (hardback pub Sept 07). The paperback is out in January 2009.

Alison was formerly the Chief Sports Feature Writer of The Times newspaper where she wrote a weekly interview – The Kervin Interview – for three years, featuring stars ranging from Nick Faldo and Michael Owen to Prince Edward and Sean Connery. She even managed to interview Catherine Zeta-Jones by accosting her in the ladies toilets at a sports event in Monte Carlo.

Alison has written nine highly acclaimed books – Denise Lewis: Personal Best, Jason Leonard: The Autobiography, Sports Writing, the Unofficial Guide to the Rugby World Cup, Clive Woodward: the biography and Thirty Bullies as well as the three novels. She has also ghost-written a number of columns for The Times , including that of Jonny Wilkinson as he rose to glory in the 2003 World Cup.

Before working as a newspaper and magazine interviewer, Alison was The Times’ rugby editor for two years, and prior to that she was editor of Rugby World – the biggest-selling rugby magazine in the world. She has also worked as publisher of Rugby World, Golf Monthly and Women & Golf.