Gary Hicks

Gary Hicks is a former political reporter who later ‘spun’ for global corporations and also the UK government, travelling worldwide with prime ministers from Harold Wilson to Margaret Thatcher.
His first book, Fate’s Bookie: How the Lottery Shaped the World, a biography of the lucky draw back to its emergence in ancient Athens, was published by The History Press in 2009. He completed Girl in a Green Gown: The History and Mystery of the Arnolfini Portrait which his wife Carola Hicks had been writing, and had mainly finished, at the time of her death in June 2010. Chatto & Windus will publish this account of van Eyck’s enigmatic double portrait, now in the National Gallery, and its owners, in September 2011.
Gary is currently working on The First Adman, the untold story of how modern advertising and marketing was pioneered 200 years ago by the Regency entrepreneur, dodgy MP and lottery contractor, Thomas Bish.