James H Hamilton

I left school at 14 without a single qualification totally unable to spell (unbeknown to me I was and still am dyslexic), but with a love instilled in English literature. I would read a book a day, as long as there were no long words. Trained in Savile Row as a Tailor then Pattern Cutter. Monday to Friday weekends worked in sales, worked my way up to manager. Discovered at 16 that as a mature student I could apply to study part time. Lied about my age, got into Goldsmiths for Fine Art lasted one week right up to my first Life Class, had heart failure. Thought it would be going out into “real life”. ie not copying pictures from books. Next came The London College of Fashion, made some great friends, some of whom are now world renowned fashion designers. After this did several post grads, all part time. Began building a sales career, working now as Area manager, then General Manager. Trained in numerous martial arts from a small child. And mistakenly worked as personal protection to some of the Miss World contestants. Well someone had to do it. Put on some early Raves (we called them discos) and wrote some insane stories, all between selling double glazing. I know I am weird. Met David De Angelis, the science fiction writer, who spent time giving me a master class in scribbling the Queen’s English. Then followed further literary education by the author’s Dr. Helen Fry and Richard Lambert. To all I owe a depth of gratitude. Have finally decided to work part time between scribbling as a Marketing Consultant for a Literary Agent as well as an e-business. Writing a number of works of historical fiction with Helen Fry under the pseudonym J H Schryer. Our first novel is Goodnight Vienna (2009) is a love-triangle set against the backdrop of Hitler’s march into Vienna in 1938 and MI6 operatives working within the city.