Helen Fry

Having graduated with a Ph.D from the University of Exeter in 1991, I have taken up a full-time writing career for over 15 years. There is no overall strategy in the direction of my publishing interests: I often pick up the thread from one theme to the next. Most of my time over the last 5 years and at the moment is taken up with writing books around the theme of the refugees from Nazism who fought for Britain in WWII. I feel passionately that their stories need to be recorded and time is running out for their oral testimony. I consider it a great privilege to chronicle.

My book about the Germans who fought for Britain inn WWII has had the most national and international press coverage.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing Freuds’ War which came out in 2009, especially working on unpublished Freud family archives.

My biography on concert pianist Harriet Cohen Music and Men was the hardest to write because of the emotional intensity of working through all her unpublished love letters.

I am branching out into historical fiction with James Hamilton under the pseudonym J H Schryer and consider it a privilege to work with his creative mind.