Rebecca Fraser

Rebecca Fraser is now working on a study of the Mayflower and the earliest settlers in New England, for Chatto in the UK and Harpercollins in the USA. She published A People’s History of Britain (Chatto/Pimlico in the UK and W.W. Norton in the USA) in 2005. It was designed to fill a gap for young people, whose school syllabuses never cover the whole of British history. The book’s emphasis on the people who created change in Britain means that in many ways it reads like a series of biographies.

She is a contributor to the BBC History website, and wrote the 1918-45 section of the British History Timeline. A broadcaster and journalist, she recently appeared on The History Channel’s Engineering an Empire: Britain: Blood and Steel discussing the engineering feats that gave rise to the world’s greatest civilizations.

Rebecca Fraser’s first book was an important feminist biography of Charlotte Brontë published by Methuen in the UK and Crown/Ballantyne in the USA in 1988. Continuously in print for over twenty years, it put Charlotte in her proper context by examining her life within the perceptual framework of contemporary attitudes to women. From 2001-2008 Rebecca Fraser was President of the Brontë Society and she has written an Introduction to the new Everyman Edition of Shirley and The Professor.