Jane Dismore

Jane Dismore started writing for national women’s magazines while she was teaching English Literature to A-level in secondary schools, after graduating from Newnham College, Cambridge. A complete change of lifestyle saw her running charter yachts in the Mediterranean for four years, which led to her writing travel articles – often undertaken between negotiating protection money with local mafia chiefs and trying to avoid floating mines off the coast of Albania.  While teaching Spanish students and the British Army in Gibraltar, Jane had a regular radio slot on the British Forces Broadcasting Service, for which she wrote and presented general interest features.  Inspired by a barrister friend, Jane decided to become a solicitor and, wondering if she had gone quite mad, she re-qualified. For three years she presented on a radio station in Hertfordshire as its ‘legal eagle’ . Despite the ‘day job’ as a specialist in employment law and inheritance disputes (each involving some of the best and the worst human traits), Jane continued to write features, including for The Times, and is a member of the Society of Authors. She is happiest when digging something up, whether from under the ground or from old documents, and she is particularly interested in biography. Her first book is The Voice from the Garden: Pamela Hambro and the Tale of Two Families Before and After the Great War, a biography inspired by a disturbing experience her father had when she was a teenager. Encouraged by Andrew Lownie to whom she showed the earliest proposal, and assisted by agent Andrew Kidd, she published it in August 2012. In February 2013 Jane was longlisted for the New Angle Prize for Literature, for works about or inspired by East Anglia.

Jane’s second book, Duchesses: Living in 21st Century Britain, was published on 4 September 2014 by Blink Publishing (an imprint of Bonnier Publishing). It looks at the lives and roles of Britain’s few remaining non-royal duchesses, 10 of whom agreed to be interviewed for the book. Each also chooses a favourite predecessor in the role, providing a colourful gallery from the 17th to the early 20th centuries.

Jane’s book Princess: the early life of Queen Elizabeth II was published in the US and Canada on 1 June 2018 by Lyons Press (an imprint of Rowan & Littlefield). It will be published in the UK later in 2018 by Thistle Publishing.