Anne Courcy

Anne de Courcy, formerly columnist and editor on the Evening Standard and then a feature writer on the Daily Mail with a special interest in historical subjects, has written a dozen books, on which she has talked widely both here and in the United States. She has also appeared in numerous TV documentaries.

A critically-acclaimed and best-selling author, she believes that as well as telling the story of its subject’s life, a biography should depict the social history of the period, since so much of action and behaviour is governed by contemporary attitudes, assumptions, standards and moral codes. Anne is a member of the Biographers’ Club Committee; and a past judge of their annual Tony Lothian Prize. Her recent biographies, all of which have been serialised, include Snowdon, The Biography, The Viceroy’s Daughters, Diana Mosley and Debs at War. Both Snowdon and Diana Mosley were turned into Channel 4 films. She is currently working on The Fishing Fleet: Husband-hunting in the Raj, to be published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson next spring.

She lives in Chelsea, and can be contacted via her agent, Carole Blake, of Blake Friedmann.