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Johns, Derek

Derek Johns

Stewart, John Massey

John Massey Stewart

Waddell, Heather

Heather Waddell

Pridmore, Geoff

Geoff Pridmore.

Verity, Lynn

Lynn Verity.

Campbell, Katharine

Dr Katharine Campbell is currently working on the first biography of her father Sholto (Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Douglas of Kirtleside), the research for which has taken her on an exciting journey round Europe and the UK. She was trained as a neuroscientist, having completed an MSc in Biomedical Sciences Research at King’s College and University College London (UCL), followed by a PhD in Neuroscience at UCL. Subsequently, she worked for many years as a postdoctoral neurophysiologist on the development of pain processing in human infants, during which time she published a number of scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. She completed a six-month course in biography and autobiography with The Guardian and the University of East Anglia in 2012.

As a result of her research on her father, she has been asked to write articles for Christ Church College Oxford, the International Brigades Memorial Trust, the RAF Museum and 43 Fighter Squadron RAF, and was invited to appear in the BBC documentary Fighting for King and Empire, Britain’s Caribbean Heroes in which she spoke about her father’s support of Afro-Caribbean servicemen and women. In the autumn of 2017, she was invited by the cultural department of the city of Paderborn in Germany to speak at the opening of a large exhibition, Briten in Westfalen, about her father’s role as Military Governor of the British Zone, and while there she was interviewed by the British Forces Broadcasting Service. She was also commissioned to write a chapter in a book, A Cherry Dress, which was published in December 2017 by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, an imprint of Verlag, about her father’s half-brother Donald’s wife, Anita Bild, who was an Austrian Jewish refugee whom he married in 1939 to save her from deportation. The book was launched to an enthusiastic reception in Vienna in January 2018 and has received favourable reviews in both English and German.

Kidwai, Rasheed

Rasheed Kidwai

Biographies written or commissioned:

Sonia — A Biography (Penguin India). The independent biography of Italian born widow of former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi rose to become most powerful Indian politician, head of country’s Indian National Congress Party. The biography was translated into eight Indian languages from English. Three editions have come out so far in 2003, 2009 and 2011.

Yohannan, Hephzibah

Hephzibah Yohannan.

Fenwick, Simon E

Simon E Fenwick.


Erlund Hudson, A Life (Peridot 2014)

Joan, the Remarkable Life of Joan Leigh Fermor (Macmillan 2017)

Ottaway, Susan

Susan Ottaway.