All meetings held at Veronica’s Restaurant, 3 Hereford Rd, W2 except annual dinner.


Friday 2 February, 12.45 for 1.00

Tony Rennell: ‘Queen Victoria Symposium’.

To mark the centenary of Queen Victoria’s funeral, Tony Rennell (author of a book on her last days) on her legacy and how biographers have written about her. Filmed by the BBC.
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Thursday 22 February, 12.45 for 1.00

Adam Sisman: ‘The Biography of a Biography’.

The author of Boswell’s Presumptuous Task, on writing the story of James Boswell and his Life of Johnson.
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Wednesday 21 March, 7.45 for 8.00

Annual Dinner. Speaker: Jan Morris.

In the 14th-century Founder’s Hall, New College, Oxford, the journalist, travel writer and biographer Jan Morris reflected on forty years’ experience of writing and her view of biography.


Tuesday 3 April, 7.45 for 8.00

David Hooper: ‘Biographers and the Law’.

A solicitor and the author of several books on libel, David Hooper discussed the particular legal problems biographers might encounter, especially with new rules on privacy.
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Monday 23 April, 12.45 for 1.00

Kathryn Hughes: ‘The Future of Biography’.

Kathryn Hughes, winner of the 2000 James Tait Black Prize for her life of George Eliot, drew on her extensive reviewing experience to speculate on biographical trends.


Tuesday 22 May, 7.45 for 8.00

Geoff Metzger: ‘The Biography Channel’.

Geoff Metzger, Managing Director of the History Channel, explained the workings of the new Biography Channel.
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Wednesday 27 June, 7.45 for 8.00

Humphrey Carpenter: ‘The Biographer as Villain’.

The biographer of several contemporary figures, Humphrey Carpenter on the kinds of controversies involved in writing biography.
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Summer party.

Athenaeum Hotel, Piccadillly, W1.


Tuesday 24 July, 7.45 for 8.00

Valerie Grove: ‘The Journalist as Biographer’.

The journalist and biographer of, among others, Laurie Lee, Valerie Grove on how journalistic skills can be brought to bear in writing biography.
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Thursday 30 August, 12.45 for 1.00

Nigel Jones: ‘The Biographer as Gumshoe’.

The author of a life of Rupert Brooke and a journalist on History Today and the BBC History Magazine, Nigel Jones on the investigative skills and techniques required by biographers.

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Wednesday 26 September, 12.45 for 1.00

Artemis Cooper: ‘The Biography of Place’.

Artemis Cooper has written portraits of Cairo during the Second World War and Paris immediately after. She discussed how a place can be as much of a subject to the biographer as a person.
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Monday 22 October, 12.45 for 1.00

Garry O’Connor: ‘Authorised or Unauthorised?’

Garry O’Connor, who has written Lives of Ralph Richardson, Paul Scofield, Peggy Ashcroft and William Shakespeare – some authorised and some unauthorised – analysed the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.
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Thursday 22 November, 12.45 for 1.00

Angela Thirlwell: ‘The role of autobiography in biography’.

Angela Thirwell edited The Folio Anthology of Autobiography and wrote a Life of the art critic William Rossetti.
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Monday 10 December, 6.30

Christmas party.

Berkeley Square Café, 7 Davies Street, W1. Tickets £15.