All meetings held at Veronica’s Restaurant, 3 Hereford Road, W2, except the annual dinner.


Monday 31 January, 7.45 for 8.00

Brenda Maddox: ‘What’s love got to do with it?’

The biographer of D.H. Lawrence, W.B. Yeats and Nora Joyce on the importance of the private life in biography.
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Wednesday 16 February, 12.45 for 1.00

Andrew Lownie (last-minute replacement for Jan Morris): ‘Different approaches to biography’.
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Wednesday 15 March, 12.45 for 1.00

Charles Spencer: ‘The Challenges of Generational Biography’.

Earl Spencer drew on his recent histories of his own family to examine the techniques of writing multi-biography.
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Wednesday 30 March, 7.45 for 8.00

Lady Antonia Fraser.


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Thursday 13 April, 7.45 for 8.00

Robert Lacey: ‘The Biography of a Year’.

The author of books on Princess Grace of Monaco, Sotheby’s and the House of Saud, Robert Lacey related his experiences of writing the story of the year 1000.
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Thursday 27 April, 12.45 for 1.00

David Starkey: ‘The Importance of the Early Life in Biography’.

David Starkey, biographer of several Tudor and Elizabethan monarchs, traced the importance of childhood influences in shaping the adult subject.
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Wednesday 24 May, 12.45 for 1.00

Andrew Morton: ‘The Biographer as Subversive’.

Drawing on his Lives of Princess Diana, President Moi and Monica Lewinsky, Andrew Morton argued for the role of biographer as subversive.
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Wednesday 28 June, 12.45 for 1.00

Gillian Tindall: ‘Biography or Fiction?‘

The novelist and biographer Gillian Tindall discussed the shifting space between fact and fiction.
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Tuesday 25 July, 7.45 for 8.00

Summer party.


Wednesday 30 August, 12.45 for 1.00

Jeffrey Simmons: ‘Celebrity Biography’.

The publisher and agent Jeffrey Simmons looked back on forty years of dealing with celebrity biography.
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Thursday 28 September, 12.45 for 1.00

Jane Ridley: ‘Can Biography be Taught?’

Jane Ridley, biographer of Disraeli and Lutyens, who teaches a course on biography, asked whether the skills can be taught.
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Wednesday 25 October, 12.45 for 1.00

John Clay: ‘Psycho-Biography’.

The biographer of R.D. Laing discussed the strengths and weaknesses of psycho-biography.
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Tuesday 14 November, 12.45 for 1.00

Juliet Barker: ‘19th-Century Biography’.

Juliet Barker, author of a Life of Wordsworth, on the case for the 19th-century approach to writing biography.


Tuesday 5 December, 6.30

Christmas party.