An update for all Biographers’ Club members on the BIO colloquium

Our opposite numbers from the U.S., BIO, are holding a Colloquium on American and European Biography on 5 November, 2016, In collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing at Oxford, housed at Wolfson College and directed by Professor Dame Hermione Lee, with the aim of promoting conversations about similarities and differences and exploring the question of whether we can celebrities, History and Biography and Authorised and non-authorised Biography. Anyone who wants to go must register at ‘Biography Beyond Borders’ and enter the code BBB16Europe to register under the European category (anyone from Europe germs a discount). When they get to the credit card page they will see a discount of $60 from the American fee of $100; the European fee therefore is $40.

Prior to the Colloquium, on Friday evening, November 4, there will be a lecture at the Centre for Life-Writing Research at King’s College London (directed by Professor Max Saunders). A reception will follow. The lecture ‘Something to Offend Everyone: The Muckraking Life of Jessica Mitford,’i s free but drinks have to be paid for.  The speaker is Carla Kaplan, who holds the Davis Distinguished Professorship in American Literature. The exact time of the lecture,which will be in the late afternoon, will be announced later.